2018 SOAR Seiki 998 COMING SOON

SOAR Racing is pleased to announce the new generation of the 998 - the 998 TD1R. After intensive testing of the new buggy parts and an adjustment of our inventory/packaging system, we will be releasing the new 2018 TD1R kits on December 1st, 2017. Our goal was improved product performance and superior quality control.

Big Step in the 998 Evolution

The new TD1R will have extensive changes such as new differentials, redesigned shocks, low profile carbon fiber shock towers, stronger upper arm mounting plates, front & rear CVD's, light weight wing mount, and more. The new 998 has evolved into a top notch racing buggy with all of the durability updates and our driver's suggestions incorporated into the kit.

Worth the Long Wait

2018 will be a new Era for SOAR Seiki Racing. We will face past problems bravely. From our brand management to our packaging, restocking and race support; we have made big changes. We have completed the parts stocking system around the 5 continents. A huge thanks to all of our distributors for their patience. We have not stopped in our foot steps and will always move forward. 2018 will see SOAR scale greater heights!